Putnam Kennel Club


Our all breed dog club has actively been involved in serving dog fanciers in Putnam County, New York  and nearby areas since 1952.

A great team of people work together to present all breed conformation events, obedience trials, match shows, CGC tests,  seminars, rallies, programs, training classes in obedience, rally and conformation, educational workshops and community related events.

We were especially proud of our donations to our community.  Sets of animal oxygen masks were given out to each fire department in the county and an assortment of AKC books, magazines and video tapes were distributed to each library in Putnam County. 

We continue to support our community and their love of animals. Our monthly meetings, events and annual picnic bring together an experienced group of people, who enjoy the sport of dogs and all the events surrounding the dogs they love.

Devoted to man’s best friend, our members invite you to read about all of our activities, and hope you join us for another exciting year.